VPX Carrier Cards for XMC or PMC Modules VPX4821A

The VPX4821A VPX Carrier Cards are 6U and hold dual PMC or XMC Module Slots. Available in two versions: air cooled or conduction cooled and compatible with OpenVPX™.

This high-performance design is ideal for industrial, Defence, scientific research and development systems requiring high speed I/O expansion.

The Acromag VPX4821A are VPX Carrier Cards for XMC or PMC Modules.

Firstly, these 6U mezzanine carrier cards provide a simple and cost-effective solution for interfacing a PMC or XMC Module to a VPX Computer System. Firstly, this model connects to the OpenVPX™ via Data plane. This provides direct PCIe connection over the VPX backplane and allows host processors to access the PMC and XMC modules on the carrier card.

The PMC version uses 32/64-bit, PLX technology with a PCIe to PCI-X bridge. Whilst, the XMC site enables fast data throughput with use of its 8-lane PCIe Gen 2 interface. Both sites support front or rear panel I/O. Acromag have a range of industrial I/O and configurable FPGA modules, which have hundreds of available functions which are currently unavailable in a VPX platform.

Features of the VPX Carrier Cards for XMC or PMC Modules VPX4821A include:

  • Connects to OpenVPX™ via Data plane
  • Support for upstream/downstream
  • Optional backplane configuration for one 16-lane port, two 8-lane ports, or four 4-lane ports
  • Supports dual standard (IEEE 1386.1) PMC/XMC modules with 25W mezzanine sites
  • PMC site uses 32/64-bit, 33/66/133MHz PLX technology with a PCIe to PCI-X bridge
  • Supports 64-bits of PMC I/O including differential routing to backplace per pattern “P64s” of VITA 46.9
  • 5V tolerant with respect to PMC connectors
  • XMC site uses PCIe x8 Gen 1 or 2 interface
  • Supports 40-bits (20 pairs) of XMC I/O to backplane per pattern “X12d+X8d” of VITA 46.9
  • Conforms to VITA 46.0, 46.4, 46.9
  • Supports front or rear panel PMC/XMC I/O
  • ±12V AUX power to PMC/XMC site


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