Rugged Computing Platforms for Self Driving Trucks

Rugged Computing Platform for Self Driving Trucks White Paper

Rugged Computing Platforms for Self Driving Trucks and other Autonomous Vehicles are constantly evolving.  There is a lot of interest in Autonomous Vehicles.  Large investments in research and development of such systems is occurring.  However, at the same time Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming more advanced. This shifts the goal posts with more features to be included.  The downside on this being as the autonomy increases, so do the technical challenges.  This is because vehicles will encounter more unpredictable situations and variables.  Therefore, they need a flexible, rugged, computing platform that can keep pace.

One sub-segment of autonomous vehicles making progress is self-driving trucks.  We have seen a huge adoption of this technology in Australian Mining Industry in the Iron Ore regions.  With both the Heavy Haulage Vehicles and Driverless trains transporting the Ore products to ports.  However, the Crystal Group our partner in the US, reports that long-haul trucking is the next in line for self-driving trucks.  Like mining, long-haul trucks often have predictable routes , larger physical profile than cars, improved sensor visibility plus a shortage of qualified drivers.

Therefore, the changing needs of self-driving trucks are forcing the smarts of the system “the computer platforms” to keep up and evolve as well.  Advantech and Crystal Group have teamed up together to provide new solutions for this buzzing industry.  Advantech has written a white paper regarding both companies’ efforts to work together by providing a breakthrough in innovation providing rugged computing platforms for self driving trucks.

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