Video Timestamp Generator

The ITS Kronos HD (Model 6041K) is Video timestamp generator. It will embed a SMPTE/MISB compliant microsecond timestamp (KLV metadata) accurately onto every video frame with in 2μsecs of each vertical sync event within a SDI Video stream.  By synchronizing time to the internal 12-Channel GPS Receiver.  Accuracy the result.  However, 3+/-2 μseconds accuracy are also achieved when the system is connected to an external IRIG B Reference.

When connected to the encoder, the Kronos HD will decode and automatically detect 720p (SMPTE 296M) or 1080i/1080p (SMPTE 274) Video Formats at various frame rates.  It will begin forming and inserting KLV packets after synchronizing with the SDI stream without operator intervention.  Push Button control allows time to be overlayed in 1 of 4 colours in any corner of the frame.  In addition, the system accepts HD and 3G SDI Video sources per SMPTE 292M/424M.

The camera sync option enables locking to the time reference (GPS or IRIG).  Therefore, the pulse train rate matches the camera image format and frame rate.

The Video timestamp generator is in a weather resistant IP67 enclosure.  It weighs less than 900 grams. Contains one channel and is a cost effective, simple plug and play metadata HD-SDI Video Stamper.

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