NTP to IRIG B Time Converter

NTP to IRIG B Time Converter

The Janus TC (Model 6115TC) is an NTP to IRIG B Time Converter.  It connects to NTP (Network Time Protocol) as a client or PTP (Precision Time Protocol) IEEE1588 as a slave terminal device over any IPv4 Network.  It generates a fully synchronized IRIG B Output when locked to the selected network.

Features of the Janus TC NTP to IRIG B Time Converter

Synchronization of the IRIG Time Server achieves an accuracy of less than 2μ seconds.  However, if un-slaved drift is important, the OCXO (-O) option can be purchased.  In addition, it reduces it to less than 12μs/hr. The Janus Time Converter simultaneously generates an IRIG B127 on a 1K Hz carrier (AM with date and 50Ὠ output) as well as IRIG B007 on a TTL DCLS Bit Stream (DCLS with a date and 50Ὠ output).

The third programmable variable output is set via the webserver.  It delivers 1PPS, 10, 100, 1000 or 10 MHz clock phase locked to the time master one second tick. 1PPS is accurate to within 50 nanoseconds of the time reference.  The programmable frequency outputs have a phase error and jitter less of than 28 nanoseconds with respect to the time reference.  The TTL output is designed to drive more than 30 TTL loads through 50Ὠ coax and is short circuit protected.

Embedded Webserver

The easy to use Janus TC embedded webserver, enables the user to select a NTP client.  Through the webserver the time reference IP Address for NTP mode can be set up.  The model’s default mode is PTP terminal slave and it will automatically listen and connect the to the PTP clock on the network. This time converter may be powered using a PoE enabled network (load is 1W) or by connecting a 10-48 VDC 5 watt power source.

This Converter is housed in a rugged aluminium case.  It has dimensions such as 17.78cm x 7.62cm x 6.35cm and weighs just over 900 grams.  This makes it the perfect IRIG Time Server for shelf or vehicle mounting in Defence and Harsh Industrial applications, as it operates in temperatures from -20°C to 50°C.

For more information on the NTP to IRIG B Time Converter, contact us.

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