Rugged Twin Server

Rugged Twin Server

The Crystal Group have released a Rugged Twin Server.  It is a 1.5U, 21″ Rackmount server that has a dual node and I/O is accessed from the front of it.  It also contains GPU and networking capabilities using the latest Intel Xeon Processors making it deliver secure, near-zero latency at the tactical edge.

This Crystal Group rugged server delivers proven reliability and computing performance in extreme and unpredictable environments. — critical for successful execution of combat, sonar, and electronic warfare applications across all domains, including cyber.

The smaller, integrated footprint of the unit fits easily into standard rack slots. With system availability, superior cooling, and shock/vibe resistance, this 1.5U rugged server stands ready to perform.

When Lives are on the line – reliability matters – Warfighters achieve dominance with accurate, real-time information—which requires failsafe computer hardware that works in any conditions. Crystal Group products are engineered and tested to meet or exceed strict MIL-SPEC standards.

In addition, the unsurpassed thermal performance uses custom heat-sinking solutions and special air management techniques.  Combat-proven solutions you can trust. Fielding more than 15,000 servers for the Navy,

Crystal Group solutions have demonstrated unmatched fielded reliability of greater than 99 percent. Key to their consistency is having the full design, development, testing, and manufacturing team in-house. Using the latest COTS technologies for ease and speed of upgrades and reconfiguration, enables the delivery of customised solutions that meet the unique needs of any program on time and on budget.

Rugged Twin Server
Rugged Twin Server Back


Features of the 1.5U Rugged Twin Server

  • Rugged 1.5U, 21″ deep rack mounted Dual Node, front I/O server
  • Lightweight aluminium construction – 12.7–14.51Kg  
  • Shared 1500W power supply operates off 110/220V 50/60Hz AC or 180-350VDC.
  • Dense SWAP capability with 2 dual socket motherboards per chassis.
  • 2nd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors up to 125W each.
  • Four removable U.2 NVME SSDs.
  • Four low profile HHHL PCIe x16 slots, plus 2x SIOM modules with up to 8 ports of network connectivity per chassis.
  • 4X USB 3.0, 2x VGA, 2X Gigabit IPMI

Finally, do you want to know more about the Rugged Twin Server?  Contact us.  Or download the brochure here

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