Sensors for Medtech Platforms

Robotic Surgical Arm highlighting Sensors for MedTech

FUTEK are going to push boundaries with their range of innovative sensors for MedTech platforms.  Firstly, for the last 30 years, FUTEK and their Engineers have spent time and resources in developing miniature custom sensor solutions.  These sensors offer precise measurement, stability and consistency.  But now these powerful packages are even smaller and reusable in sterile environments!  For example, they are being used to provide haptic feedback in Robotic Surgery and in less invasive laparoscopic tools.

Let’s describe to you where these sensors are positioned and how it operates.  Below is a rendered image of the multi jointed robotic arm of a surgical system.  The surgeon works remotely from a console.  Firstly, his or her movements in the console are translated to robotic movements.  These movements emulate the dexterity of the human hand and wrist.  However, in order to move with such precision and accuracy, the robotic arm relies on the sensors force and torque measurement and feedback.

Robotic Surgical Arm highlighting Sensors for MedTech

FUTEK Sensors for MedTech Platforms

1Micro Reaction Torque Sensor (QTA143)
Micro Reaction Torque Sensor


The Micro Reaction Torque Sensor provides closed loop feedback on the torque measurement ensuring smooth movement.



Miniature S-Beam Jr. Load Cell (LSB205)
Miniature S Beam Load Cell


The Miniature S-Beam Jr. Load Cell provides critical force feedback.  This ensures the robot applies the correct amount force to tools like staplers and cutters.



Load Cell Built for Autoclave (QLA401)
Autoclave Load Cell


Hermetically sealed, the Autoclave Load Cell withstands the high temperature and pressure of the sterilisation process.



Nano Force Sensor (QLA414)
Nano Force Sensor


The microscopic nano sensor is placed at the very tip of the surgical tool.  This enables direct measurement and eliminates any factors that could create drifts in the output.


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