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Industrial Embedded Computers improve and enhance the daily operations of Automation and Control, Transportation, Medical Imaging and many other industries.  With shifts in technology and introduction of IOT 4.0, Industrial Embedded Computers are expected to do more complicated processing of Video Analysis and Computing Workloads on the edge.

However, not all systems are built the same!  Key issues can include a mismatch between performance level and workload as well as performance degradation.

In the diagram below, ADLINK highlight the issues frequently encountered with embedded computers.  They also offer their own embedded computer guarantee.

Frequently Encountered Issues with Industrial Embedded Computers

Features of Adlink's Industrial Embedded Computers which sets it apart from the competition


Industrial Embedded PC FanlessEmbedded Computer Fanlessindustrial embedded computersindustrial embedded pcIndustrial Embedded ComputerUltimate Industrial Embedded Computer


CPU9THGen Intel Core™ S Series Processors

8/9th Gen Intel Core™ H Series Processors

CPU TDPUp to 65WUp to 80W

Up to 45W


Up to 32GB DDR4 memory in dual SODIMMS (Optional ECC on selected SKUs)
GPU SupportN/AMXM ModulePEG CardMXM ModuleN/A

PEG Card






Serial Ports



D I/O8N/A8N/A8


2.5” SATA

2Up to 42

Up to 4

PCIe/PCI Slots

N/AN/A2/4 PCIe/PCI SlotsN/A

2/4 PCIe/PCI Slots

Operating Temperature

-20°C-60°C-20°-50°C-20°- 60° C

-20° – 70°C

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