Single Axis, Filtered IEPE Accelerometer

Dytran  3168D2 –   Single-Axis, Mechanically and Electrically Filtered IEPE Accelerometer!

Dytran Instruments, Inc. has recently introduced Model 3168D2 for HUMS and flight test applications.

This innovative sensor is a single-axis, filtered IEPE accelerometer with a thru-hole design for 360-degree cable orientation.

Model 3168D2 features mechanical and electrical filters.  These filters eliminate ultra-high frequency energy that can cause signal saturation (common in high-speed gearbox applications).  The filters also act as a barrier to “zero shift” phenomena in the data.  This is done by protecting the sensing element from high amplitude, high-frequency mechanical impacts.  In addition, the filters suppress the natural frequency of the sensor to assure correct “in-band” vibration measurements during all test applications. The sensing element is internally isolated from the outer case.  This prevents ground loops and is enclosed by a Faraday shield that prevents EMI/RFI interference.

The sensitivity is 10 mV/g, the frequency range is 1Hz to 10,000Hz (±3dB), and the rugged, stainless-steel case is hermetically sealed for reliable operation in high humidity or wet environments.

The integral Teflon® cable for Model 3168D2 terminates in twisted pair shielded flying leads and is available in various lengths.

Typical uses for Model 3168D2 include applications such as: high-frequency aircraft/airframe vibration monitoring, Health and Usage Monitoring Systems (HUMS) and transmission vibration measurements as well as any general-purpose, high energy applications where signal saturation, shock overload and zero shift are potentially affecting signal integrity.

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