Wireless Fuel Flowmeter

Wireless Fuel and Oil Flow Meter DFM S7

The DFM S7 is a wireless fuel flowmeter with an inbuilt battery.  Used for precise monitoring of fuel consumption and recording engine operation time.  The absence of wires allows for an easy connection of the fuel flowmeter to the telematics system.

Firstly, fuel consumption and engine hour data are sent via Bluetooth Low Energy to devices using BLE-radio such as GPS tracker or Smartphone/Tablet or Display.  Signal transmission range can be 15 metres in a cabin or 45 metres from line of sight.

The Fuel Consumption Monitoring App is available in Google Play.  Some of its features include:

  • Online monitoring of values and graphs of flow rate and total fuel consumption
  • Total fuel consumption in “Idling”, “Optimal” and “Overload Modes”
  • Fuel Consumption in “Tampering Mode”
  • Monitoring engine operating mode based on flow rate and total operating time
  • Fuel temperature monitoring in measuring chambers
  • Data logging from fuel flow meter

Used in remote locations and assists in deterring fuel theft or vandalism with the ability to calculate fuel consumption in “Tampering” mode.

Secondly, there is a choice of Single Chamber, Differential (Flow Rate: 10 to 600 L/Hr), Industrial (Flow Rate: 0.72-25 m³/hr) & Heavy Machinery (Flow Rate: 20-40,000 L/Hr) Models available.

Therefore, the Single Chamber Models fuel consumption measurement is the fuel feed line of the engine.  Ideal for those vehicles, generators, and stationary machinery with a lower fuel flow rate (1 to 500 Litres/hr).

Whereas the Differential Models measure fuel consumption as well as the difference in flow rates in the feed and return lines of fuel systems.  Such as Modern Diesel Engines (common rail or pump injector fuel systems), off road, road, boats, railway vehicles and stationary machinery.

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