Data Acquisition Testing on a Snow Trike

Happy Ski Triker

This blog on Data Acquisition Testing on a Snow Trike was written by Simon Kodric who is from the Dewesoft Team.

Imagine gaining speed 70, 80, 90 up to nearly 100 kilometres per hour downhill on a ski slope but not using skis or snowboards!  We’re talking about gaining speed on snow bikes and snow trikes – They’re just like mountain bikes and scooters minus the wheels and pedals.

Slovenian company Hillstrike is the mastermind designer and manufacturer of these fun devices, including their latest snow trike product.

What does a ski trike look like

It has a frame and suspension like a bicycle.  However, one ski in the front with a steering handle and two parallel skis on the back connected in a parallelogram which enables tilting.  The advantage being it assists the rider in “plowing” meaning pushing the vehicle down or “carving” with rider making sharp turns. Both manoeuvres help the rider to slow down.  In addition, it has a seat and pegs in place of pedals.

The team at Hillstrike state it is “just like riding a mountain bike in the snow!  You’ll have control in turns and be able to master your drifts.  The Hillstrike is stable enough to survive the wildest moves and coolest tricks”.    They’re not wrong there! The videos I watched amazed me at the speed and jumps and tricks these trikes were able to reach on the downhill mountain ski slopes.

HillStrike's Snow Trike

However, to get these products out on the snow – some testing was required to ensure the trike was fit to ride and engineered to withstand the extremes of usage.

Testing to ensure superior handling characteristics of ski trikes – Data Acquisition Testing on a Snow Trike

Dewesoft is a measurement technology company that specialises in providing advanced data acquisition and analysis solutions for a wide range of industries.  Their innovative hardware and software products gather, visualise, and analyse complex measurement data.  Therefore, Dewesoft was the perfect partner to assist with the validation of the Hillstrike’s snow trikes riding characteristics and sturdiness.

Read this blog if you would like to know more about

The Research, Development and Testing involved with aluminium and carbon fibre trike frames testing. This involved using the KRYPTON 3xSTG Modules mounted on the trike.  They were used to measure chassis loads from half bridge configured strain gauges.  Resulting in optimising the chassis design, reducing its weight, and making it safer.

Another test conducted was the Simulated and Recorded Drop Tests.  Using the Dewesoft DS-CAM-1100m to analyse the force required to deform the ski trike structure.  Achieved by dropping various weights at different heights on to the seat. This information provided a reference force point for designers.  If the riders would hit the seat on a rough landing and indicate any cracking in major junction points of the frame or pegs.

Preliminary testing steps have been undertaken by Hillstrike.  This is to get a better understanding on the handling and riding  characteristics of how the trike behaves on the slopes.  Achieve by using the IMU1 unit and KRYPTON CPU.  Measuring parameters such as angle cornering, cornering force and cornering speed.  Next will be the NAVION-i2 device for slip angle measurements and an extra angle sensor for the handlebar rotation.

Be sure to check out the videos on the blog.  They are on the first International Skibike Race in Krvavec in March, 2023! Amazing!

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