Diesel Generator Monitoring Systems

Uninterrupted Power Assurance through Diesel Generator Monitoring Systems

In an age where almost every facet of daily life is intertwined with electricity.  Having a reliable power source is not a luxury, but a necessity. That is where a Diesel Generator Monitoring System comes to play.  Among various solutions to ensure continuous power supply, the usage of a diesel generator set, commonly known as a diesel genset, stands out. A diesel genset comprises a diesel engine and an electrical generator (alternator) to generate electricity. This apparatus proves to be a beacon of reliability during power outages or in areas where the electrical grid is either unavailable or unreliable.

Ensuring Continuous Power Supply with Diesel Genset

The core principle of a diesel genset lies in the conversion of mechanical energy.  Achieved by the combustion of diesel in the engine, into electrical energy through the alternator. This seamless transformation ensures the provision of electricity to power critical systems and operations, especially during unexpected power outages. The inherent design of diesel gensets provides a swift response to power needs, making them an ideal choice for emergency power backup.

Bridging the Remote Gap: Advanced Monitoring Systems

In recent times, the integration of remote monitoring systems with diesel gensets has marked a significant leap in operational efficiency and diagnostic accuracy. Therefore, delivering a range of genset monitoring devices capable of fetching vital operational and diagnostic data. This is quintessential when the facility housing the genset is nestled in a remote region devoid of visual control possibilities.

One illustrative application encapsulates the deployment of MasterCAN RS2CAN data converter and CANUp Genset telematics gateway for real-time monitoring. These devices engage in parameter gathering via Modbus RTU. From major controller brands like Deep Sea Electronics, ComAp, DATAKOM, Woodward among others.  Connected to the Genset Controller – the brain overseeing the genset’s operations.

Case Study: Remote Monitoring in Action with a Diesel Generator Monitoring System

Consider a setup where the diesel generator sets are deployed in remote areas.  Therefore, rendering constant visual control an impractical endeavour. The generators, boasting a power output range of 230 to 330 kVA.  In addition, managed by controllers from Deep Sea Electronics (DSE). These controllers display critical data like voltage, frequency, current, generated power, coolant temperature, engine oil pressure, engine RPM, and engine run time.

The primary task at hand was to implement a real-time remote monitoring system.  This is to oversee performance and plan timely maintenance of these generators. The solution orchestrated involved a monitoring system based on MasterCAN RS2CAN converter and CANUp telematics gateway, channelling data to ORF4 online telematics service. This setup meticulously read and transmitted 92 parameters from the controller to the gateway, which in turn sent operational reports to the online service.

Key operational parameters relayed included alternator operating metrics (voltage, power, current, frequency), diesel engine parameters (speed, coolant temperature, oil pressure, fuel consumption), and a counter for the total operating time of the power generating unit.

Data Display in Telematics Service and Installed Equipment

Reaping the Benefits: Insights and Actions from Afar

This robust diesel generator monitoring system allowed swift mounting on the diesel genset. The user, sitting miles away, now has insight into the health and operational status of the generator units. Notifications about emergency shutdowns and malfunctions were relayed in real time, marking a monumental stride in proactive maintenance and operational efficiency.

Furthermore, the system’s scalability was evident.  Especially, when the installation of a DFM CAN fuel flow meter in the fuel system provided additional data on fuel consumption. Collected data is exportable in .txt or .xls formats for further processing, analysis, and decision-making.


The fusion of diesel generator sets with advanced monitoring systems like the Genset Monitoring System and the usage of genset monitoring devices pave the way for not just uninterrupted power supply.  In addition, provide a substantial reduction in operational hiccups and unforeseen maintenance downtimes. As the realm of remote monitoring of diesel generator systems continues to evolve.  Facilities nestled in the farthest corners of the globe can now ensure their power systems are operating optimally.  Therefore, ensuring a smooth, uninterrupted flow of operations critical to their success.

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