Krypton CPU

The KRYPTON CPU is a data logger and data processing computer with real-time data processing capabilities.  This computer is small, highly portable, wide operating temperature and has an IP67 rating.

It perfectly completes the KRYPTON data acquisition modules to form a stand-alone DAQ system.  Perfect for rugged environments and defence applications.

Metromatics proudly sell, support, and service the Dewesoft Product range in Australia and New Zealand

The KRYPTON® CPU is a data logger and data processing computer with real-time data processing capabilities. This computer is small, highly portable and has an IP67 rating. Translation: it records and analyses data in extreme environments. Examples of extreme temperatures, that are tolerable for the KRYPTON® CPU include anything from -40° to +70°C. Finally, this unit perfectly completes the KRYPTON data acquisition module to form a stand-alone DAQ system.

Rugged Computing

As mentioned above, the KRYPTON® CPU can withstand harsh environmental conditions. As a result, it’s waterproof, dust-proof and can withstand shocks up to 100G. Additionally, a full block of aluminium makes up the chassis to protect it from the elements. Furthermore, thermally conductive, and electrically isolative rubber makes the unit fully waterproof. As a result, this unit is usable on test facilities or on big vehicles exposed to extreme environments.

KRYPTON® CPU: Small But Powerful

The KRYPTON® CPU measures 202 mm in length, 77 mm in width and 71 mm thick. Its small foot print makes it perfect for applications where space limited.

Although small, this unit is rich with features and offers everything you need to record measurements. It also offers strong data processing capabilities thanks to its built in Intel Atom quad-core CPU with 4GB memory. This gives the KRYPTON® CPU enough processing power to record data from multiple channels at high speeds. It also makes data processing and visualisation possible.

Furthermore, when paired with the built in Dewesoft X Data Acquisition Software, the KRYPTON’S built in technology will give users access to visually rich graphics, smooth workflows and online math processing of data.

Finally, the KRYPTON® CPU offers uncompromised connectivity. It comes equipped with the following needed interfaces for connectivity and expansion:

  • DVI video: fully compatible with VGA and HDMI. All Dewesoft’s rugged mobile displays are compatible with KRYPTON CPU.
  • 3x USB 2.0: for data acquisition devices like SIRIUS, DEWE-43A, and peripherals like mouse, keyboard, and external hard drives.
  • EtherCAT master port: for connecting any of our EtherCAT data acquisition devices like KRYPTON or SIRIUS.
  • Gigabit LAN and WLAN interfaces: for wired and wireless connectivity.

KRYPTON® CPU Reliable SSD Storage

The Krypton CPU also has a built in 256 GB SSD data storage unit. This unit has a 180MB/s write rate and has enough capacity to store hundreds of channels at high speed (including video). In addition to this, the built in SSD unit can withstand high shocks and vibrations. Thus, always keeping your data safe as a result.

EtherCAT Master

Just when you thought the KRYPTON® CPU couldn’t have any more features packed in, comes the EtherCAT Master. The EtherCAT Master is an expansion port for Dewesoft EtherCAT devices such as the KRYPTON® DAQ modules or SIRIUS Waterproof Slices. Thanks to this port, the KRYPTON® CPU requires only one cable for data transfer, power and synchronisation. Thus, allowing users to easily form a stand-alone data acquisition system.

Key Features of the Krypton CPU

IP67 Degree Protection: The Krypton CPU tests in extremely harsh environments. The unit is fully waterproof, dust-proof, and can withstand shocks up to 100G.

  • Extreme Operating Temperature: The Krypton CPU operates in extreme temperatures ranging from -40°C to 70°C.
  • Smallest Data Logger: The Krypton CPU is a very small data logger. It’s perfect for tight places or limited space applications.
  • Quad Core CPU: The Krypton CPU has a powerful Intel Atom quad-core CPU and fast 4GB memory.
  • SSD Storage: Internal SSD drive provides fast and reliable data storage for all measurement channels.
  • 3 USB Ports: The Krypton CPU has 3 USB 2.0 ports for connecting USB peripheral devices or any of Dewesoft’s USB data acquisition systems like DEWE-43A and/or SIRIUS.
  • GLAN and WiFi Interfaces: One Gigabit LAN interface (GLAN) with an RJ45 connector and wireless WiFi adaptor ensures a fast and reliable network connection.
  • EtherCAT Interface: Built-in EtherCAT interface port with synchronisation for USB and EtherCAT DAQ devices like SIRIUS waterproof and KRYPTON.

To get the technical breakdown of the KRYPTON® CPU product, click more information. Otherwise contact us, we would love to chat to you about this great product.

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Finally, Metromatics proudly sell, service and support the Dewesoft product range in Australia and New Zealand.

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KRYPTON CPU Tech specs

Technical drawings

Technical specifications
ProcessorIntel® Atom™ Quad Core at 1.91 GHz
Memory4 GB
StorageNon-removable 240 GB mSATA SSD
Interfaces and options
USB3x USB 2.0
Ethernet1x GLAN (Push-Pull), 1x WLAN (RP-SMA Female Jack)
EtherCAT®1x EtherCAT® 100 Mbps Full Duplex, LEMO 8pin female
Power supply9 – 48 V DC
Power consumptionMin. 7.7 W
Max. 19.9 W
Operating Temperature-40 °C to 70 °C
Storage Temperature-40 °C to 85 °C
Humidity5 to 100 % RH
IP ratingIP65 / IP67
Shock: SIST EN 60068-2-27:2009
100 g, 6 ms, half-sine
100x pos./neg in each axis
600x total
Random: MIL-STD-202G Method 214A, test condition II-D
Profile break points:
50 Hz – 0.025 g²/Hz
100 Hz – 0.1 g²/Hz
2000 Hz – 0.1 g²/Hz
Profile RMS / Peak = 13.9 g / 41.7 g
8 hrs in each axis, 24 hrs total
Dimension231 x 77 x 57 mm
Weight1.0 kg (1.5 kg before Q3 2018)
Rev: 1557135300