High-Performance Vehicle Data Acquisition Systems

This blog on High-Performance Vehicle Data Acquisition Systems was originally provided by our friends at Dewesoft.  Titled “Measuring and Verifying Speed Records of Rimac Nevera Electric Hypercar” it details the verification of 23 speed world records.  These were set by the Rimac Nevera, an electric hypercar, using Dewesoft technology and software.

Key highlights of the High-Performance Vehicle Data Acquisition Systems include:

  1. Dewesoft’s Role: Dewesoft acted as an independent controller to certify the Rimac Nevera’s achievements. They used their data acquisition equipment to instrument the vehicle and collect precise performance data.
  2. Speed Records: The records set at the Papenburg test track in Germany. The Rimac Nevera achieved a top speed of 412 km/h (258 mph), among other records.
  3. Dewesoft Technology Used: The measurement setup included the Dewesoft DAQ system for monitoring vehicle position, speed, acceleration, and braking. It also included equipment for aerodynamic testing.
  4. Data Acquisition System: The system consisted of various components such as MINITAURs (data processing computer), SIRIUSi-8xCAN (for CAN bus acquisition), DEWE-43A (analog data acquisition system), NAVION i2 (inertial navigation system), DS-DISP-12 (in-car display), DS-BP2 (battery pack), and DS-REM-CTRL (remote control).
  5. Software Used: DewesoftX 2023.2 and the DewesoftX brake test module were used to calculate the records. The software also included math modules and a control module for the start/stop/store function.
  6. Testing Environment: The high-speed oval track at Papenburg proving ground was the testing site. This facility is for high-speed vehicle testing, offering a variety of tracks and environments.
  7. Measurement and Verification Process: Dewesoft’s team meticulously arranged and calibrated equipment for accuracy. During test runs, remote telemetry allowed engineers to monitor vehicle parameters and performance in real-time.
  8. Results: The Rimac Nevera set 23 new world records, including acceleration and braking records. The Dewesoft system played a crucial role in measuring and documenting these records.
  9. Conclusion: The successful verification of the speed records highlighted the effectiveness of Dewesoft’s technology in providing accurate and reliable data for high-performance vehicle testing.

To read the original detailed and interesting blog about the testing and technology involved, please click here, or contact us at Metromatics to learn more about Dewesoft’s technology.

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