How Wireless Sensors are Transforming the Agriculture Industry

StarPin Remote Monitor for wireless sensors

New technology is revolutionising the agriculture industry.  One of the latest innovations to transform the industry are wireless sensors by making it easier to monitor and manage crops and livestock.

What are Wireless Sensors?

Wireless sensors are small devices that attach to various parts of a farm.  This can include soil, crops and livestock.  Once connected wireless technology transmits data to a central system where users analyse it to make informed decisions.  An example of wireless technology used to transmit this data is our Star Pin Remote Monitor.  This is a reliable, small, solar powered, mobile based remote telemetry monitor.  This device pairs with sensors to provide real time data such as inventory levels, temperature, humidity, pressure and more.  Once collected this device allows users to see the data on a LevelCon Web Portal and app.

Monitoring Moisture Levels With Wireless Sensors

One of the primary ways that wireless sensors are transforming the agriculture industry is by helping farmers monitor soil moisture levels. Soil moisture is critical for crop growth.  These sensors allow farmers to monitor moisture levels in real-time to optimise irrigation, reduce water waste and improve crop yield.

Wireless sensors can also monitor crop health.  They do this by helping farmers detect diseases and pests early on. This means quicker response times and a reduction in crop loss.  It also helps improve overall crop health by helping farmers monitor soil quality and fertiliser levels.  We’ve written a great article on how our star pin remote monitor monitors liquid fertiliser levels here.

Keeping an Eye on Livestock

In addition to crop monitoring, wireless sensors also help monitor livestock health.  They also help track livestock movement and behaviour.  This type of information allows farmers to administer early treatments, prevent the spread of disease and optimise feeding and breeding schedules.  All of this helps improve heard health and productivity.

An Agriculture Revolution

When paired with remote monitors such as the star pin level monitor, wireless sensors provide farmers with real-time data on soil moisture and crop and livestock health. This data can help agriculturalists optimise crop yields, reduce waste and improve overall farm productivity. As the agriculture industry continues to evolve, wireless sensors will play an increasingly important role in helping farmers manage their operations, improve the bottom line and revolutionise the agriculture industry.

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