IRIG B Timecode Generator

IRIG B Timecode Generator

The Janus Model 6115G-3E (JTCG) is a PTP, NTP or GPS Synchronised IRIG B Timecode Generator.   However, it also features as a PTP Master Clock when synchronised to an internal GPS or external 1PPS or IRIG B00/12x connection.  Firstly, the Janus IRIG B Time Code Generator is accurate to less than 50 nS to the selected time reference.  Plus, it functions as a normal PTP ordinary clock in multiple master clock networks.

Secondly, the JTCG provides six (6) channels of IRIG B output that may be user programmed to be either IRIG B127 (AM) or IRIG B007 (DCLS). In addition, clock output is programmed from 1PPS to 10 MHZ synchronized.  Then phase locked to the internal time master. The DCLS and clock outputs are individually programmed.  To be normal or inverted.

Each output is individually buffered, and short circuit protected. Synchronization to PTP as a slave or NTP as a client, is achieved through the 10/100/1000 Ethernet port as is operation as PTP master clock. The internal OXCO oscillator is disciplined while locked to IRIG B, 1PPs, PTP, NTP or GPS offering.

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