Measuring Rotary Shaft Thrust with load cell

Measuring shaft thrust with a load cell app note

This application note on how to measure rotary shaft thrust in machinery with a load cell is kindly provided, by our friends FUTEK.

Application Summary  on Measuring Rotary Shaft Thrust with a Load Cell

In order for turbines, drills, linear and lead screw actuators to survive the distance – testing is required.  Firstly, shaft thrust needs to be measured to optimise systems performance.  This will maximise the bearing design and life. Ideally, a sensor, such as a donut load cell, that can operate in tension and compression to measure the thrust applied to the shaft.

Products in Use

One LTH350 Donut/Through Hole Load Cell paired with Instrumentation (IHH500, IPM650, USB220, IDC305)

How it Works

  1. Firstly, a LTH350 Donut/Through Hole Load Cell is freely slid onto the shaft
  2. Secondly, a pair of thrust bearings and collars secure the donut load cell in place on the shaft.
  3. Thirdly, a retention bracket is attached to the outer circumference of the sensor, anchoring the sensor to a solid fixture.
  4. As thrust forces are applied to the shaft. The bearings and collars transmit the load through the sensor for measurement delivering the load to the retention bracket.
  5. The IHH500 Digital Hand Held Display and the IPM650 Panel Mount Display capture and display the measured load in real time.
  6. Force data can also be simultaneously captured using the USB220 High-Resolution USB Solution and FUTEK’s SENSIT software on a PC.

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