Charge Mode Shock Accelerometers

Our charge mode high shock accelerometers are designed to measure extremely high levels of acceleration, especially in sudden shock or impact situations.

Applications such as: High G Shock and Impact Test Environments in Aerospace and Defence situations.  As well as Modal Testing and Laboratory Research where precise measurements are essential and the correct equipment for amplifying the charge output is readily available.

The Metromatics Series MM222A, MM211A and MM247A are Piezoelectric Charge Mode Shock Accelerometers with high sensitivity and low noise characteristics.  Overall, features include high stiffness, quick response, and a high value of acceleration.  In addition, this series has a measuring range of 5,000 to 100,000 g.

Secondly, these accelerometer shock sensors are made from either strengthened stainless steel or titanium providing true durability. Also, most models are hermetically sealed.  Therefore, providing a barrier to protect the inner workings of the sensor allowing it to operate in conditions from -40 to +65°C.

How Charge Mode Shock Accelerometers operate

The core of high shock accelerometer is the piezoelectric crystal.  Firstly, when these accelerometers encounter acceleration or a shock event, the crystal produces a proportional electrical output on its surface due to the piezoelectric effect.

However, this charge needs to be amplified to become measurable. To do this there are two choices depending on your measurement requirements.  Use a

  1. Charge amplifier – allows for gain/range adjustment.


  1. In-line charge converter which has a fixed conversion factor and requires power.


These items complete the signal conversion.  Then signals proceed to data acquisition systems for further analysis.


To learn more about our Charge Mode Shock Accelerometers, consult the table below or contact us.


Sensitivity pC/g1.81.250.650.170.1310.5
Measuring Range g pk±5,000±10,000±20,000±50,000±100,000±5,000±10,000
Non-linearity %±5±5±10±10±10±5±5
Frequency Range (±1dB) Hz10,00010,00010,00010,00010,00010,00010,000
Resonant Frequency kHz40404040403030
Temperature Range °C-40 to +65-40 to +65-40 to +65-40 to +65-40 to +65-40 to +65-40 to +65
Sensing ElementCeramic/ShearCeramic/ShearCeramic/ShearCeramic/ShearCeramic/ShearCeramic/ShearCeramic/Shear
Output ConnectorIntegral CableIntegral CableIntegral CableIntegral CableIntegral Cable(3) M5(3) M5
Electronic Isolation Ὠ-Case Isolation ≥ 10⁹Case Isolation ≥ 10⁹Case Isolation ≥ 10⁹Case Isolation ≥ 10⁹--
Housing MaterialHigh Strength Stainless SteelTitaniumTitaniumTitaniumTitaniumHigh Strength Stainless SteelHigh Strength Stainless Steel
SealingEpoxy GlueWeldedWeldedWeldedWeldedEpoxy GlueEpoxy Glue
Weight g10101010104040
Size mmՓ12.9 x 17.3Փ12 x 24.5Փ12 x 24.5Փ12 x 24.5Փ12 x 24.522 x 22 x 1222 x 22 x 12
MountingM5 (Female)M6 x 0.75 (Male) or M5 (Male)M6 x 0.75 (Male) or M5 (Male)M6 x 0.75 (Male) or M5 (Male)M6 x 0.75 (Male) or M5 (Male)(2)Փ5 (Thru-hole)(2)Փ5 (Thru-hole)
Spec SheetSpec SheetSpec SheetSpec SheetSpec SheetSpec SheetSpec SheetSpec Sheet
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