Multi-Input Video Amplifier Splitter MIL STD

This series of Rugged Video Amplifier Splitter have multiple single ended or triax./composite signal inputs and many signal outputs, with unity gain and an output signal amplitude for single ended outputs 0.5V to 3.0V peak-to-peak; and a 10V peak-to-peak Input Overload.

This proven video amplifier, splitter product is widely used in the Aerospace and Defence Industry.  For example the ADV-301-133 video splitter is installed on the C295 surveillance aircraft.

The EON Instrumentation Multi-Input Series Models are a MIL STD Multi-Input Video Amplifier Splitter.  Firstly, this video amplifier has a flat frequency response from 30Hz to 30MHz.  This means that a purer signal without enhancements from input to output is provided.

Secondly, listed below is a table on the Multi Input Series Video Amplifier Splitter Models.  The outline and dimension drawings are attached.  They represent the models with different input and output impedances.  Which can be integral with ground chassis and different fixed gains from video in.  They system operates with nominal 28 VDC input power.  All independent outputs are unity gain from video in. As well as Input and Output Impedance is 75 ohms for the basic series.

Thirdly, EON can provide additional configuration if required. Video connectors can be a combination of BNC or TNC, single ended or differential, top or side mounted and uncapped or capped with tethers.

Finally, for more information, contact us.

MIL-STD Multi-Input Video Amplifier Splitter

Model #Standard Signal In/OutStandard Signal Connector In/Out# Inputs# OutputsFeatures
ADV-301-122CompositeBNC2 Single End2 Single End(1 in / 2 out) x 2
ADV-301-123CompositeBNC2 Single End2 Single End(1 in / 2 out) x 3
ADV-301-133CompositeBNC2 Single End2 Single End(1 in / 3 out) x 3
ADV-301-134CompositeBNC2 Single End2 Single End(1 in / 3 out) x 4
ADV-301-122ACompositeMilS2 Single End2 Single End95 ohm, isolated ground, I/O Pthtu if power intr.
ADV-301-122BCompositeMilS2 Single End2 Single End75 ohm; isolated ground; I/O Pththu if power intr.
ADV-301-122CSIUBNC2275 ohm; isolated ground; I/O Pththu if power intr.
ADV-301-150CompositeBNC1 Single End15 Single EndFac Adj Gains; SWAP; 3Pin Pwr
ADV-301-1340CompositeTriax / BNC40 Single End120 Single End3U 19” Rack Mount; 40 1 In / 3 Out Cards
ADV-301-31 (VADU)Diff/CompMilS3 Triax / 1 Comp5 Comp / 5 DiffRS343; FLIR application


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Multiple Input Video Amplifier Product Series