Pan Tilt Camera Controller

This Universal Camera Control unit is designed to control a Pan and Tilt Mount and a variety of video cameras including visible light and infrared.  It can interface two separate cameras on a common pan and tilt mount.  Housed in a sealed NEMA Enclosure.

This model is used for National Home Affairs and Homeland security applications.

The EON Instrumentation Model 6125DE2 is a Pan Tilt Camera Controller Unit.  Firstly, control of the unit is by a serial port.  Therefore, using RS-232, RS-422 or an Ethernet Port using TCP/IP Control.

Secondly, the unit uses a proportional DC drive to the pan and tilt motors and to the camera lens for focus and zoom.  There are other additional serial ports.  These ports are used to interface to cameras and lens with serial control features.

Thirdly, it features real time operational control.  Along with ability to be remotely programmed, calibrated, and read through the serial receiver control or Ethernet port.  It contains a non-volatile memory (which stores program data) so if input power is lost the program characteristics remain.

Even in Analog control mode, the 6125DE2 provides a reference voltage to the position potentiometers (PP) in the Pan & Tilt and lens.  The PP Signals are used internally by the preset function and the calibrated digital position sensor.

Housed in a rugged enclosure.  The unit measures 22.86 cm wide by 16.51 cm high by 26.67 cm deep.  Powered by 100 to 240 VAC 60/60Hz line.

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Features of the Pan Tilt Camera Controller 6125DE2 include

  • Proportional DC Pan & Tilt camera focus and zoom motor control
  • Three visible light and Four IR built in cameras
  • Remote programmability functions for extra cameras
  • 64 programmable pre-sets
  • Auto-pan feature with programmable limits and rates
  • Two user accessible programmable discrete control lines
  • Two Serial Camera Control Ports
  • Serial Lens Control Port
  • Ethernet Receiver Control Port
  • Serial Receiver Control Port
  • Internal Video Splitter/Mixer
  • Calibrated Status Reporting Function
  • Non Volatile Memory