Power Off Circuit Board Testing

For over 40 years, Electronics Technicians have been using Huntron’s range of Power Off Diagnostic tools for circuit board troubleshooting.  The Huntron Trackers are the perfect tool for any electronic repair environment.  It uses analog signature analysis to detect and isolate component faults on circuit boards beyond power on functional testing.  By comparing Tracker signatures from a working circuit board to the signatures of a non-working board, technicians can troubleshoot down to the component level.

Metromatics provides outstanding local customer and technical support on the Huntron Equipment and have been doing so since 1989.

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Our portfolio of Power Off Circuit Board Testing Equipment consists of:

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The Benefits of Huntron Circuit Board Testing Equipment includes

  • Test Circuit Boards that cannot be powered on
  • Analog Signature Analysis uses comparison troubleshooting that makes schematics or documentation unnecessary.
  • Can reduce risk to the PCB from further damage if powered up
  • Screen PCBs for catastrophic problems before adding power


Circuit Board Troubleshooting analog signature analysis Circuit Board Fault Finding

Circuit Board Troubleshooting – Tracker 2800

Analog Signature Analysis – Tracker 2800S Circuit Board Fault Finding – Tracker 3200S

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