Flying Probe Automated Test Equipment

For over 20 years, Electronics Technicians have been using Huntron’s range Flying Probe Technology for Automatic Testing of Printed Circuit Boards that would have otherwise been tested manually.  The Huntron Access Probers are the perfect system to add to your test procedure as they significantly decrease test times and increase productivity.  They accurately place a probe on test points with high accuracy which is achieved by using micro stepping motors and linear laser encoders – probing the smallest surface mount devices possible.

Metromatics provides outstanding local customer and technical support on the Huntron Equipment and have been doing so since 1989.

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Our portfolio of our Flying Probe Automated Test Equipment consists of:

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Huntron Access Probers can automate your unique test process using the standard probe or by adding a custom probe of your design.

Huntron offers four Flying Probe Automated Test Equipment system configurations based on PCB size and test head requirements.

flying probe system Flying Probe Access 2 Flying Probe Automatic Test Equipment

Dual Head Flying Probe System – Access DH2

Flying Probe for Large Printed Circuit Board Assemblies – Access 2 Prober

Flying Probe Tester – Access Prober

Huntron Workstation Software Huntron Accessories RF Signal Measurement

Huntron Workstation for Windows Software

Huntron Tracker and Access Prober Accessories

RF Signal Measurement Prober – Access RF Prober


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