Timecode Generators

The EON Instrumentation Timecode Generators are devices that produce a timecode signal used to synchronize clocks and other timing devices with an amazing level of accuracy.

Their products support a range of timecode formats including IRIG B, SMPTE, and IEEE 1588 PTP making them ideal for a range of applications where precise time synchronisation is essential.  Such as Defence and Aerospace, Telecommunications networks, and industrial automation systems.

EON’s Time Code Generator products are reliable, easy to operate and available in Rackmount, Shelf/Vehicle Mount and Handheld or portable Packaging.

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EON Instrumentation timecode generators use advanced time keeping algorithms and high precision atomic clocks to provide exceptional accuracy and stability in a rugged enclosure. Therefore, making them suitable to markets such as Defence and Aerospace and harsh Industrial applications.

Firstly, IRIG and IRIG B are timecode formats commonly used in Defence. Additionally, EON models incorporate GPS based time synchronization for even greater accuracy. Those applications requiring microsecond, synchronized accuracy such as in radar systems and satellite communications may use IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) generator or a custom product can be designed to meet the requirements.

Advantages of EON Instrumentation Timecode Generators

  1. High Accuracy: EON Instrumentation’s timecode generators use precise atomic clocks and advanced timekeeping algorithms to ensure exceptional accuracy, typically to within a few nanoseconds.
  2. High Stability: Designed to maintain their accuracy and stability over long periods of time, including harsh environments.
  3. Multiple timecode formats: Firstly, this product supports a range of timecode formats. Including IRIG B, SMPTE and IEEE 1588 PTP. Therefore, enabling them to be suitable for a wide range of applications particularly Defence & Aerospace.
  4. As well as Easy Integration: This system can easily to integrate into existing systems. With its wide range of interfaces and protocols that are available to ensure compatibility with a wide range of equipment.

Used in Applications where high precision time synchronization is critical, such as:

  1. Defence and Aerospace: EON’s time code generators are used in Defence and Aerospace systems worldwide. They provide accurate time synchronisation for radar systems, satellite communications and other applications.
  2. Telecommunications: EON’s products are used in telecommunication networks to provide precise time synchronisation for mobile towers, switches and other equipment.
  3. Industrial Automation: Also used in Industrial automation systems to provide precise time synchronisation for co-ordinating complex processes and operations.
  4. Video Production, Film and Broadcasting: EON’s timecode generators provide precise reference points in time; frame by frame. This allows a consistent and accurate reference points for editing, postproduction and synchronisation of all different camera angles; so the footage matches the audio to provide a seamless final product.

In 2021, EON Instrumentation purchased the ITS Product line of HD-SDI and Analog Video Inserters, Time Code Generators & Displays, Video Recorders, Encoders and Controllers. This has expanded their current Video System Architecture product line to , include flight test through mission system production. Products are manufactured and customised under EON’s AS9100D Quality System in the USA.

Finally, Metromatics sell and support EON Instrumentation’s product range to our Australian and New Zealand Customers. Contact us to learn more.

Portfolio of Timecode Generators

MIL-STD GPS Sync IRIG B Timecode Generator 6115G-8SA-N
MIL-STD IRIG B Timecode Generator 6115G-8SA-N
MIL-STD Miniature GPS Sync IRIG B Timecode Generator 6115G-8SA
Miniature MIL-STD GPS Sync Timecode Generator 6115G-8SA
MIL-STD Miniature IRIG B Timecode Generator 6115G-8S-N
MIL-STD Miniature MIL-STD IRIG B Timecode Generator 6115G-8S-N

MIL-STD Timecode Distribution Amplifier 6189M-10

Timecode MIL-STD Distribution Amplifier 6189M-10

Portable IRIG B Timecode Generator with NMEA 6155E-6

Portable IRIG B Timecode Generator 6155E

Rack Mount IRIG B Timecode Generator 6115G-3R

Rackmount IRIG B Timecode Generator 6115G-3R


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