Programmable, Modular Signal Splitter

New Programmable, Modular Signal Splitter Offer More Flexible Solutions with Up To Three Outputs

Acromag’s software-programmable microBlox signal conditioning modules can now be used to split or duplicate RTD, thermocouple, two-wire transmitter, and other input signals into multiple process control outputs

Acromag have recently released the new uBSP Modular Signal Splitter /duplicator. Hence, the uBSP acts as a carrier for the Acromag microBlox line of plug-in signal conditioning modules to drive two scalable 4-20mA or 0-10V control outputs and an auxiliary 5V third output from a single input.

Select from ten miniature signal conditioning modules to process inputs from RTDs, thermocouples, two-wire transmitters as well as current, millivolt, or voltage sources. The interchangeable input modules snap into the uBSP carrier.  Therefore, it provides input and output terminal blocks plus a USB port for easy software configuration from a Windows PC or Android mobile device.

Features of the uBSP Modular Signal Splitter
  • Flexible approach to complex splitting applications
  • Splitters USB port allows users to customise the I/O & Scaling operations by the inserted microBlox Signal Conditioning Modulation
  • Configuration Software is free
  • Common mini-B USB Port eliminates cables as you connect with PC, Smart Phone or Tablet
  • Plug in microBlox modules allow users to change the input type quickly
  • 1500V Isolation separates input form output preventing damage to other instruments from surges
  • Two wire transmitter input modules provide field excitation for transmitter
  • RTD input modules support 2,3 or 4 wire sensors with excitation, linearisation, lead wire compensation and break detection functions
  • Thermocouple input modules support types J, K, R,S,T & E with linear or non linear output
  • Immune to electrical noise
  • Operate ‑40 to 75°C
  • Power Sources 6-32 V DC supported to simplify battery & solar power applications
  • Mount securely on DIN rails with 25g shock & 4g vibration resistance
  • Hazardous Location approvals pending for UL/cUL Class 1 Div 2 and ATEX/IECex Zone 2 standards


For more information on the uBSP Modular Signal Splitter, contact us.

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