S Beam Load Cell

FUTEK S Beam Load Cell

A S Beam Load Cell is a type of load cell.  Sometimes called a S-Type or Z beam load cell. It is commonly used in industrial and commercial applications to measure the weight, force, tension or compression of a product or material.

How it works

It is composed of two parts: a strain gauge and a metal beam.

Firstly, the strain gauge is a device that measures the strain on the metal beam when a force is applied. Secondly, the strain gauge is connected to an electrical circuit, which converts the strain into an electrical signal. Finally, this signal is then sent to a data acquisition system or other instrument for further analysis.

What sort of applications is it used for?

The product is a versatile, highly accurate and reliable. Used in a variety of applications, such as with weighing scales, force measurement, compression, and tension measurements.

Additionally, some models have a high shock and vibration resistance making it suitable for drilling, structural monitoring in earthquake prone areas, bridges, rail tracks, aeroplanes, ships, turbines, reactor vessels and space vehicles.

Also used in medical applications, such as measuring the force of a patient’s grip, medical bag weighing, fluid flow rate measurement, catheter track force testing, medical guide wire testing, DNA synthesis, robotic glove rehabilitation, behaviour phenotyping, robotic leg rehabilitation devices and much more.

Mounting a S Beam Load Cell is an easy process.

  1. Attached the load cell to a rigid mounting surface
  2. As well as make sure the mounting surface is level and secure
  3. Attached the load cell using appropriate hardware
  4. Connect the load cell to signal conditioning equipment such as amplifiers, filters and or signal conditioners

US Based FUTEK’s specialise in the manufacture of S-Beam load cells. Firstly, designed to measure force in tension or compression. Additionally, made from high grade stainless steel (and some models anodized aluminium).  Also feature a low profile design for easy installation.  As well as being available in a variety of sizes and capacities.  Such as miniature and submersible making them ideal for many applications.  Features include overload protection, temperature compensation and adjustable zero and span.

FUTEK S Beam Load Cell Models include

Miniature S-Beam Load Cell

LSB205: Miniature Jnr 2.0 with high accuracy and small footprint

Miniature S Beam Load Cell used in Neuralink application

LSB200: Miniature Jnr. ideal for limited space, 10 to 250g capacity

Miniature Force Sensor LSB201

LSB201:Miniature Jnr. 2.0, Compact, Shock Resistant, Up to 45kg capacity

S Beam Tension and Compression Load Cell LSB302

LSB302: Tension & Compression with overload stop feature; 11.33kg to 136kg capacity

lsb350 tension and compression load cell

LSB350: Tension & Compression with capacity from 226 kg to 907 kgs

S Beam Load Cells

LSB400: Tension & Compression, Robust design with capacity from 2267kg to 4535kgs

S-Beam Load Cells LSB352

LSB352: Tension & Compression, high performing with overload protection

Submersible Miniature S-Beam Load Cell LSB210

LSB210: Submersible, Miniature, IP68 rated, tiny footprint

Finally, FUTEK Load cells are available in Australia and New Zealand from Metromatics.  Contact us to find out more.