World’s Smallest Data Acquisition System

smallest data acquisition system

The Dewesoft KRYPTON ONE is the world’s smallest single-channel data acquisition module for field testing in harsh environments.

This DAQ system will survive extreme temperatures, water spray or submersion, high shock, and extreme vibrations.

Making precise scientific measurements in hostile environments has always been one of the biggest challenges for test engineers. Most data acquisition instruments are designed for the laboratory or a factory floor environment.  Also, they  don’t fare well when exposed to extreme temperatures, water spray, submersion or high shock and vibration situations.

Firstly, to address this need, Dewesoft invented multi-channel KRYPTON data acquisition modules.  Secondly, these units offered up to 16 channels each. Plus, they were designed with IP67 degree of protection.  Meaning these modules are very robust.  Therefore, able to operate in extreme temperatures anywhere from -40° to 85°C and 100% humidity.

How they communicate

Krypton modules communicate using EtherCAT protocol.  Therefore, this single thin cable provides data, synchronisation and power.  It can be daisy-chained. Plus spread out over 100m from node to node.

Engineers have quickly adopted the KRYPTON series, mounting them right up against running car and aircraft engines, or anywhere where extreme temperatures are found. Humidity is not an issue. As the product is submerge able.

Despite the small size of these multi-channel modules, customers have asked for even more modularity, but without compromising the incredible environmental specifications.

Introducing Krypton One

So after intensive development and testing,  Dewesoft was pleased to announce a whole new series of KRYPTON modules.  These units were called the KRYPTON ONE   With all of the same environmental robustness as the multi-channel series.  However, allowed the placement of the conditioner as close to the sensor as possible.  Especially, in extremely hostile environments such as an engine compartment. This resulted in the shortest possible sensor cables. Therefore, improving the signal quality.

So, these tiny single-channel modules measure just 62 x 56 x 29 mm.  Also, they are  manufactured from an aluminium brick. Industrial-grade electronics are installed.  The units are sealed with thermally conductive and electrically isolating rubber. Units are waterproof, shockproof, and can withstand shocks up to 100G. KRYPTON modules provide IP67 degree of protection.  Elements such as water, dust, and other.


  • Single-channel architecture allows a maximum sample rate of 40 kS/s.
  • Fully Isolated Analog Modules
  • 100G shock rating and high vibration rankings, too.
  • Perfectly sealed: completely submersible and IP67 protected against spray, salt and more.
  • Temperature range, from -40° to 85°C .

The fast EtherCAT interface runs at 100Mbps Full-Duplex bus speed, providing for 6MB/s to 10MB/s data throughput per chain. Modules intended for dynamic measurements can sample up to 40 kS/s. With the use of EtherCAT to interconnect and control the KRYPTON series, the entire KRYPTON product line can be used with any third-party EtherCAT master for real-time applications.

Dewesoft are proud that KRYPTON ONE was recently selected for The Product of the Month Award  by NASA Tech Briefs Magazine.

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