IOLITEir-4xHV: A Leap in High Voltage Data Acquisition

Introducing the IOLITEir-4xHV: A Leap in High Voltage Data Acquisition

The IOLITEir-4xHV is an isolated 4 channel high voltage module for the IOLITE Rack Data Acquisition Systems (R8, R8R, R12) and OBSIDIAN Rack chassis.    Making it suitable for analysing high voltage and power DC and 3 Phase AC Voltages.

Revolutionary Input Range: Experience versatility with input ranges from ±200 V to ±2000 V, catering to diverse high-voltage applications.

Unparalleled Safety Standards: Safety first with a CAT II 1000V rating, ensuring secure operations in high-voltage environments.

High-Performance Specs: Boasting 10 MΩ input impedance, a 24-bit sigma-delta ADC, and a 40 kS/s sampling rate per channel, this module ensures precision in data acquisition.

Wide Bandwidth: With a 17.32 kHz bandwidth, capture detailed and accurate data for comprehensive analysis.

Diverse Application Spectrum: Ideal for power quality testing, e-mobility testing, and electrical power analysis in both DC and 3-phase AC voltages.

Enhanced by DewesoftX: Leverage the power of DewesoftX software modules for advanced data analysis and insights.

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