Vehicle Diagnostic Tools

Crocodile contactless readers are vehicle diagnostic tools offered by Metromatics.  Firstly, they are innovative tools designed for vehicle telematics and GPS tracking systems. These devices enable the safe and non-intrusive gathering of various vehicle operational parameters.  In addition, used by professionals in fleet management, vehicle maintenance, telematics, and automotive engineering.

CANCrocodile Mini (Contactless CAN bus sniffer):

This is a compact and updated version of the classic CANCrocodile. Firstly, it is used for safely sniffing parameters from various data buses like CAN (SAE J1939), ISObus (ISO 11992-2), CAN Open, DeviceNet, and NMEA 2000. It extracts parameters from engines, ABS, ECAS, and other units​​.

CANCrocodile (Contactless CAN J1939 bus reader):

Reads data from the vehicle CAN bus. It’s commonly used in vehicle telematics and GPS tracking systems.  In order to receive parameters such as speed, RPM, oil pressure and temperature, fuel volume, and consumption​​.

1708Crocodile (Contactless J1708 (SAE J1587) bus reader):

Tailored for the J1708 bus (SAE J1587) of vehicles. It’s instrumental in obtaining various operational parameters like speed, RPM, and fuel volume from the bus​​.

NozzleCrocodile (Contactless injector pulse reader):

Used for monitoring fuel consumption in personal cars and small commercial vehicles, playing a critical role in vehicle telematics and GPS tracking systems​​.

CANCrocoLITE (Contactless compact CAN J1939 reader):

This tool reads data from on-board CAN buses of personal cars and light commercial vehicles,.  Therefore, ensuring no interference with the integrity of electronic circuits​​.

FMSCrocodile (Contactless FMS gateway):

This device is a solution for integrating data from one or more automotive buses into the CAN/S6 Telematics Interface. It allows the acquisition of a wide range of vehicle operating parameters through a single CAN-port of the telematics unit​​.

Crocodile contactless readers used in telematics systems.  They gather data from digital buses without breaking insulation of wires and electrical contact.  Therefore, they don’t send active requests nor detected by ECU.

In summary, Crocodile contactless readers are versatile tools that enhance vehicle telematics systems by safely gathering essential operational data from various vehicle buses, aiding in effective monitoring and management of vehicle performance and conditions.

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