Rugged Display Monitors for Defence & Industry

Argon offers a rugged LCD product line with an unprecedented range of sizes from 5.0″ to 21.3″. Applications are virtually unlimited and Argon solutions can be found on military land, air and sea platforms worldwide.  They are consistently innovating their range to meet the specialised requirements of their Customers.

With proven standard options such as Sunlight Readability, NVG Compatibility, Rugged AR Touch Screen, Video Inputs, Bezel Keys and Cold Start. Argon has an existing library of designs to quickly bring you a customised unit that perfectly fits your application and installation.

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Firstly, Argon Offers one of the Largest and Most Innovative, Customisable Ranges of Rugged Display Monitors in the Industry.  Secondly, products range in sizes from 5″ to 43″.  Designed for Airborne, Land Based Vehicle or Hand Held Applications. Click on image of models below to receive more detailed information.

Argon Rugged Display Monitors for Defence & Industry

5" Rugged Display Monitor

5 Inch



7" Rugged LCD Display Monitor

7 Inch



8.4" Rugged Display Monitor for Defence

8.4 Inch



Rugged Display Monitors ARD10

10.4 Inch



12" Rugged Display Monitors ARD12

12.1 Inch



15" Rugged Display Monitor ARD15

15 Inch



17" Rugged Display Monitors ARD17

17 Inch



19" LCD for Defence ARD19

19 Inch



21.1" Rugged Display Monitors ARD21

21.3 Inch



27 Rugged display monitor for defence

27 Inch



UHD 43” ARD43

43 Inch UHD Model


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