Time Code Displays

EON Instrumentation’s Time Code Displays are generally used in Airborne or Defence applications.

The timecode clock is SMPTE compatible and where an IRIG B Serial Time Code is applied.

It displays Hours, Minutes and Seconds to operators on the LED Screen or countdown the required time.

If there is a loss of signal it automatically re-establishes itself, as an internal clock.

Reliable, Rugged and used in Defence applications worldwide

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EON Instrumentation manufacture a range of IRIG B Signal and SMPTE Time Code Displays.

A time code display is used for Industrial, Scientific Research, Airborne and Defence applications.

Firstly, they can be mounted in various configurations such as in the cockpit, wall mounted or rack mounted. One model is specifically designed for Night-time Missions.

Input Power is dependent on the model. However, there are battery powered models to 16-36 VDC and standard 115/240VAC 50/60 Hz. Some of the models are MIL Qualified and available with optional dimmer switch.

Advantages of EON Instrumentation Timecode Monitors / Displays

  1. High Accuracy: EON Instrumentation’s timecode displays are highly accurate. Firstly, they can display time code with precision up to a fraction of a frame. This is an essential feature in professional video and audio production where precise timing and synchronisation are necessary.
  2. MIL Qualified Models: Designed and built to several Military Standards. Such as the 6135B has been tested and shown to meet the relevant requirements for MIL-E-5400T for flight and crash safety as well as EMC. Therefore, models are of robust construction and can withstand the daily use in professional environments.
  3. Customisable: Firstly, time code readers can be customised to meet specific needs of different applications. They display time code formats and can be programmed to display additional information. Such as project names or scene numbers.
  4. Easy Integration: These systems are compatible with a wide range of professional video and audio equipment including cameras, recorders and editing systems.

Applications suitable, such as:

  1. Defence and Aerospace
  2. Scientific Research and Testing
  3. Video Production, Film and Broadcasting

Some of EON’s Time Code Displays are SMPTE compatible.

Firstly, SMPTE time code is a standard system for labelling individual frames of a video or audio recording. A SMPTE timecode display shows the hours, minutes, seconds, and frames of a recording in accordance with the SMPTE time code standard.

In 2021, EON Instrumentation purchased the ITS Product line of HD-SDI and Analog Video Inserters, Time Code Generators & Displays, Video Recorders, Encoders and Controllers. This has expanded their current Video System Architecture product line to, include flight test through mission system production. Products are manufactured and customised under EON’s AS9100D Quality System in the USA.

Finally, Metromatics sell and support EON Instrumentation’s product range to our Australian and New Zealand Customers.

Portfolio of Time Code Displays

time code clock
1U Rackmount IRIG B Timecode Reader 6275A
IRIG B Timecode Display 6075B
IRIG B Timecode Display 6075B

MIL STD Cockpit Timecode Display 6135B
MIL STD Cockpit Timecode Display 6135B
time code displays
Timecode Display & Countdown Timecode Clock 6475

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