Digital Panel Meters

Our Acromag Digital Panel Meters are field programmable, accept many inputs and satisfy a range of process and temperature applications.

Metromatics provide sales, service and support to Acromag customers of this product range  in Australia.

Digital Panels Meters are instruments that display data collected from Process Current, DC Voltage, Platinum RTD’s and Temperature Inputs in a digital form.  Firstly, most Panel Meters are mounted inside an instrument panel.  Secondly, our models from Acromag are designed to fit a standard 1/8 DIN Enclosure.  Also they are NEMA4x Front Panels and are viewable from a distance of 9 metres away in all lighting conditions.

Acromag supplies three types of Digital Panel Meters.

One of the most useful features of the VPM3000 Series is its ability to provide 24V DC to power the transmitter 4-20mA signal.  Also it contains two relays and isolated 4-20mA outputs.  The Relays can be limit alarms or control applications.  Whereas, the 4-20mA output provides isolated re-transmission of input signals.

Another exciting Digital Panel is the APM765 Series.  It has the ability for several output options to convert the display into a transmitter with proportion 4-20mA output or a serial communication interface.  Also with a relay output option adds limit alarms and pump control capabilities.

Finally, the VPM2000 Series – a loop powered panel meter (1/8 DIN).  Firstly, it displays any 4-20mA signals in a convenient manner.  Secondly, it is a dual line display.  Therefore, means you can show the process value on the top line and the units or a tag on the bottom line

Therefore, these products are an inexpensive way to represent data in numerical form in a visual format.

Our portfolio of Digital Panel Meters:

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Digital Panel MeterDigital Panel Meters VPM3000 Series
APM765 SeriesVPM3000 Series
Universal Input with Alarm Panel MeterField Programmable Panel Meter
Loop Powered Panel Meter
VPM2000 Series
Loop Powered Panel Meter


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