IEPE Shock Accelerometers

Our IEPE high shock accelerometers are designed to measure extremely high levels of acceleration, especially in sudden shock or impact situations.

Such as Automotive crash testing, Industrial Machinery Vibration and Shock testing, seismic or structural health monitoring of buildings and bridges, Explosives and Ballistic Testing, Defence and Aerospace equipment testing.

The Metromatics Series MM122A, MM121A, MM111A and MM147A are IEPE Shock Accelerometers, also known as voltage mode accelerometers, with built in electronics that converts the piezoelectric signal from the sensor to a low impedance voltage signal.  Overall, making them suitable for longer cable runs, real time monitoring and noisy environments.  In addition, this series has a measuring range of 1,000 to 50,000 g.

Secondly, made from either strengthened stainless steel or titanium, providing true durability. Also, most models are hermetically sealed.  Therefore, providing a barrier to protect the inner workings of the sensor allowing it to operate in conditions from -40 to +70°C.

High Shock IEPE Accelerometer
Model MM111A IEPE High Shock Accelerometer

How IEPE Shock Accelerometers operate

The heart of the IEPE high shock accelerometer is the piezoelectric crystal.  Firstly, when these accelerometers encounter acceleration or a shock event, the crystal produces a proportional electrical output on its surface due to the applied force.

One advantage over Charge Mode accelerometers, it that the IEPE accelerometers feature inbuilt electronics.  Such as a charge amplifier, voltage amplifier and often a built-in voltage regulator.

Therefore, the piezoelectric charge created by the sensor is converted immediately into the low impedance voltage signal within the built in electronics. This voltage signal is amplified further by the voltage amplifier to achieve a measurable voltage output.  Typically, in the millivolt range, which is proportional to the applied acceleration or shock.

This enables further signal conditioning and processing easily, by data acquisition systems or other measurement equipment.

To learn more about our IEPE Shock Accelerometers, consult the table below or contact us.

IEPE Shock Accelerometers Portfolio – Part I

Sensitivity mV/g125125
Measuring Range g pk±5,000±2,500±1,000±5,000±2,500±1,000
Resolution mg ms2010520105
Frequency Range (±1dB) Hz1-10,0001-10,0001-10,0001-10,0001-10,0001-10,000
Resonant Frequency kHz404040404040
Temperature Range °C-40 to +121-40 to +121-40 to +121-40 to +121-40 to +121-40 to +121
Sensing ElementCeramic/ShearCeramic/ShearCeramic/ShearCeramic/ShearCeramic/ShearCeramic/Shear
Output ConnectorM5 TopM5 TopM5 TopM5 SideM5 SideM5 Side
Electronic Isolation Ὠ------
Housing MaterialHigh Strength Stainless SteelHigh Strength Stainless SteelHigh Strength Stainless SteelHigh Strength Stainless SteelHigh Strength Stainless SteelHigh Strength Stainless Steel
SealingEpoxy GlueEpoxy GlueEpoxy GlueEpoxy GlueEpoxy GlueEpoxy Glue
Weight g101212101212
Size mmՓ11 x 21.3Փ11 x 21.3Փ11 x 21.3Փ11 x 16.3Փ11 x 16.3Փ11 x 16.3
MountingM5 (Female)M5 (Female)M5 (Female)M5 (Female)M5 (Female)M5 (Female)
Spec SheetSpec SheetSpec SheetSpec SheetSpec SheetSpec SheetSpec Sheet
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IEPE Shock Accelerometers Portfolio – Part II

Sensitivity mV/g0.
Measuring Range g pk±10,000±20,000±50,000±5,000±10,000
Resolution mg ms501002002040
Frequency Range (±1dB) Hz1-10,0001-10,0001-10,0001-8,0001-8,000
Resonant Frequency kHz4040403030
Temperature Range °C-40 to +70-40 to +70-40 to +70-40 to +70-40 to +70
Sensing ElementCeramic/ShearCeramic/ShearCeramic/ShearCeramic/ShearCeramic/Shear
Output ConnectorIntegral CableIntegral CableIntegral CableIntegral CableIntegral Cable
Electronic Isolation ὨCase Isolation ≥10⁹Case Isolation ≥10⁹Case Isolation ≥10⁹Case Isolation ≥10⁹Case Isolation ≥10⁹
Housing MaterialTitaniumTitaniumTitaniumTitaniumTitanium
Weight g1010104040
Size mmՓ12 x 24.5Փ12 x 24.5Փ12 x 24.525 x 22 x 1225 x 22 x 12
MountingM6 x 0.75 (Male) or M5 (Male)M6 x 0.75 (Male) or M5 (Male)M6 x 0.75 (Male) or M5 (Male)(4) Փ3 (Thru-hole)(4) Փ3 (Thru-hole)
Spec SheetSpec SheetSpec SheetSpec SheetSpec SheetSpec Sheet
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