Vibration Data Logger 4600A1

Model 4600A1 is also known as the Vibracorder™ Three Channel Data Logger. It is a miniature, portable data logging solution for recording vibration data from external IEPE sensors.  It can record data at a high sampling rate of up to 25,000 samples per second.  Allowing for precise measurement of the even the most rapid and complex vibration events.

It is used in applications such as

  • Automotive Testing
  • Amusement Rides
  • Environmental Stress Screening
  • Factory Floor
  • Machinery Diagnostics
  • Modal Analysis
  • Product Validation

The Dytran Model 4600A1 is a miniature three channel vibration data logger.

Firstly, this portable data logger offers a solution of recording data from three IEPE sensors such as acceleration, force, or pressure transducers.

Additionally, it provides the ability to increase the channel count if requirements expand or change.  Simply by using a cable connection or by its unique optical synchronisation method.  The synchronisation method enables units to be stacked on top of one another and record at the same time.

Rugged Aluminium Housing

Secondly, housed in a rugged aluminium housing.  Furthermore, IP64 rated.  Offering protection from ingress of dust and splashing water.  Mounting achieved from mounting screws or internal high strength magnets.

Internal Li-Po Battery or External Connection through USB

Thirdly, this unit can power and record three external IEPE sensors for up to 10 hours on the internal Li-Po battery.  Alternatively, connect to external power source through USB for extended recording periods.  Its miniature size enables it to operated in areas where space is limited.

Vibration Data Logger has a Large Internal Memory

In addition, the 4600A1 data logger has a large internal memory.  Therefore, making it capable of storing millions of data points that can be configured to trigger on specific events or thresholds.  It can be synchronised with other data acquisition systems making it the ideal tool for use in multi-channel testing and analysis.

Easy to Use and Program

Finally, the device is user friendly and easily programmed on simple Windows based software interface. This allows easy configuration of sampling rates, trigger thresholds and other parameters.  Download using the USB cable or wireless connection.  Also, it is compatible with wide range of analysis software.

Overall, the Dytran Model 4600A1 Data Logger is a reliable, versatile and easy to use tool for recording and analysing dynamic acceleration and vibration data in a wide range of applications from product development to industrial maintenance and testing.


Other features of the Vibration Data Logger include:

  • 3 channels of IEPE data acquisition using standard 10-32 coaxial connectors
  • Portable device with internal rechargeable Li-Po battery for external sensor power
  • Synchronous acquisition across multiple 4600A1 units with optical link or hard wire for channel expansion
  • Anti-aliasing filters
  • Software controlled relay for the operation of external components
  • IP64 Rated
  • Internal Battery for external sensor power



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4600A1Miniature Data Logger, 3 Channel IEPE Data Collection.  IP64 Rated, 150 grams and field ready at 6.09 cm x 5.08 cm x 2.59 cm.  Supplied with: 2 x 10-32 Mounting Screws; 2 x M5 Mounting Screws

Compatible Cables: 60153A, 6010A, 6431A, 6337A