Signal Converters

Through our partner, Metromatics offers a huge range of 4-20mA transmitters, loop powered, DC Powered and AC/DC powered signal converters.  These signal converters convert sensor signals to 4-20mA current or 0-10V voltage signals and provide the correct signal to integrate with plc controllers and other instrumentation.

Metromatics provide exceptional local sales, service and support for this product range.

Firstly, Signal Converters are also known as Signal Transmitters.  They isolate, filter, amplify and convert sensor signals to 4-20mA current or 0-10V voltage signals.  These signals are used for interfacing with controllers and other PLC Instrumentation.

Acromag are the leader in the market for Signal Conditioning, Signal Converters and Network I/O.  Select from 2 wire loop powered 4-20mA transmitters, 3 wire DC powered transmitters or 4 wire AC/DC powered transmitters.  There are also 3 and 4 wire models with 4-20mA transmitters or voltage transmitters.  DIN-rail and field mount versions are available and process configuration is easy with Windows® software.

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Our portfolio of Signal Converters

RTD Signal ConverterStrain Gauge or Load Cell Input Signal ConverterAC Voltage or Current Input Signal Transmitter

RTD Input

Strain Gauge or Load Cell Input 

AC Voltage or Current Input

DC Voltage Input Signal ConverterDC Voltage Output Signal ConverterSignal Converter with Millivolt Input

DC Voltage or Current Input

DC Voltage or Current Output

Millivolt Input

Frequency Input for Signal ConvertersThermistor Signal ConverterThermocouple Input Signal Converter

Frequency Input

Thermistor or Slidewire or Potentiometer Input

Thermocouple Input

Universal Input Signal ConvertersSoftware Signal ConverterAccessories for Signal Converters

Universal Input





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